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Why Summer LED Panel Lights Easy To Bad?

  Why summer LED panel lights easy to bad?

  Do not know if you have found that LED panel lights, LED ceiling, LED lamp, LED flood light, LED mining lamp, etc., to the summer is easier to bad, much worse than the probability of winter, which is why?

  The answer to one: the lamp cooling is not good, the summer weather temperature is relatively high, LED panel light glow will heat, the lamp is to burn out.

  So what is the reason for that?

  1. Lamps thermal conductivity material is not enough, such as the existing low-quality bulb plastic, there is no heat radiator, light heat can not lead, how not bad?

  2. Lighting design is unreasonable, a lot of lighting is not a thermal design, said directly to the assembly of accessories, not through scientific experiments, how not bad?

  3. Installation environment is irrational, LED panel lighting installation requires a certain amount of cooling space to heat, there is the installation environment is wet, LED panel lights in the wet environment, but also easy to bad, because the LED panel lights are electronic components, Once the wet impact on the performance of the lead to easy to bad. For this reason, only the user to use their own attention.

  Summary, the summer LED panel lighting is easy to bad, mainly the quality of the lamp with the use of the problem, in the selection of lamps, the use of lamps need to pay attention to the process.

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