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What Is The Production Process Of LED Track Light?

  What is the production process of LED track light?

  When you walk into those clothing stores, department stores, jewelry store, you see most of the lights are led by the light source, you may mistakenly think that the traditional metal halide lamp, yes, their appearance, if you do not observe carefully, you will mistakenly think is a gold halide lamp, not led track light.

  LED track lamp to replace the metal halide lamp, because it can save more than 70% of the metal halide lamp, can effectively reduce operating costs, there is one advantage is that it has less heat, less damage to the radiation, very good to meet the needs of the business areas everywhere need perfect requirements.

  What is the production process of LED track light? That we through LED lighting technical engineer for us to explain LED track lamp production process.

  1, Cleaning: The use of ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED stent, and drying.

  2, Mount: In the LED tube core (large piece) at the bottom of the electrode to prepare silver glue after expansion, the expansion of the tube core (large piece) placed on the Thorn Crystal platform, under the microscope with a stylus to the core of a tube installed in the PCB or led bracket corresponding to the pad, LED track light then sintering to make silver gel curing.

  3, the pressure welding: with aluminum wire or gold wire welder to connect the electrode to the LED tube core, for the current injection of the lead. LED directly installed on the PCB, the general use of aluminum wire welding machine.

  4, encapsulation: Through the point of glue, with epoxy will be led tube core and welding wire protection. PCB board on the point of glue, LED track light after curing colloidal shape has strict requirements, which is directly related to the backlight light product brightness. This process will also bear the point phosphor (white LED) task.

  5, Welding: If the backlight is the use of smd-led or other packaged led, then in the assembly process, the need to weld the led to the PCB board.

  6, cutting film: With punch die-cutting backlight required by a variety of diffusion film, reflective film and so on.

  7, assembly: According to the drawing requirements, the backlight of various materials manually installed in the correct position.

  8, test: Check back light photoelectric parameters and whether the uniformity of light is good.

  9, Packaging: The finished product according to the requirements of packaging, affixed to mark.

  10, storage: The root of the finished product packaging, LED track light the root of the sign, sorting in storage, ready for shipment.

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