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Three Mark Health Technology Of LED Panel Light

Three mark Health technology of LED panel Light

Optical performance (light distribution): The optical properties of LED panel Lights are mainly related to the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chroma. According to the latest industry standard "semiconductor light-emitting Diode test method", there are mainly luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiation flux, luminous efficiency, color coordinate, correlation color temperature, color purity and main wavelength, color index and other parameters. LED panel Light commonly used white LED, color temperature, color index and illuminance is particularly important, it is the lighting atmosphere and the effect of an important indicator, and color purity and the main wavelength is generally not required.

LED industry in the mainstream approach in the packaging led chip to form a light source or light source module, in the time of the lighting to make light, this is the original traditional light source of the practice, because the traditional light source is 360° glow. If you want to apply the light to the application end, the current Philips traditional Lights to do the best one, the loss also reached 40%. And many of our domestic led downstream manufacturers to apply the optical parameters of the lighting is actually a chip or optical parameters of the light source, rather than the overall lighting parameters of the optical indicators.

How to improve the performance of the light, the world's latest technology is in the chip package to do the light, one time to export the chip's light to maintain the largest optical output, so that the light loss rate is only 5%-10%. With the continuous improvement of technology, the light loss rate will be lower and the light efficiency of light source will be more and more high. Also equipped with such Lights and lanterns do not need to do the light, the relative efficiency of the luminaire will be greatly improved to make it more widely used in functional lighting, to form a considerable market channel. Therefore a good led supplier, is our urgent task, we do not need to spend a high price to study our led how to match the light for good, also does not need to spend a lot of time and experience to let the engineer to use software simulation, the simplest method is to let the LED white light supplier to cooperate. You know, if our engineers use software to simulate, the necessary action is input and output. Input is the prophase of the data import, the output is the result of simulation, then require the early data must be accurate back-end simulation to be correct.

Thermal performance (structure): Lighting with LED light-emitting efficiency and power supply is the key to the LED industry, at the same time, the LED PN junction temperature and shell cooling problem is particularly important. The higher the temperature difference between PN junction temperature and the Light body, the greater the heat resistance, the more the light energy will be converted into heat energy in vain, when the LED is damaged seriously. A good structural engineer, not only to consider the structure of the Light and led thermal resistance, but also to consider whether the shape of the Light is reasonable, stylish, novel, of course, there are reliability and maintainability and practicality, not only to stand in the designer's point of view to think, but also stand in the user's perspective to consider products.

Today's common technology is the use of aluminum substrates to encapsulate, aluminum substrate packaging chip cooling and optical conversion efficiency there are technical core bottlenecks, can not effectively control the junction moderate and stable maintenance of high-power optical output, and the application will be because of the higher efficiency of the chip, the larger the required aluminum substrate area, will increase the cost and application volume, extremely inconvenient. So how to get out of this misunderstanding another new road is a new technology core features. Under the premise of keeping low cost and passive heat dissipation mode, using high heat conduction medium, reducing heat resistance and reducing PN junction temperature through new device/luminaire overall structure, making PN junction work in allowable working temperature, keeping the most photon output, the minimum requirement is as follows:

(1) Ultra low heat resistance material, rapid cooling overall structure technology;

(2) High thermal conductivity, UV-resistant packaging technology;

(3) Application of low environmental stress structure technology;

(4) The whole heat resistance <20k/w, the junction temperature is 80 degrees;

(5) LED light source lighting module operating temperature control in 65 ℃ below.

Electrical performance (electronic): If a luminaire is likened to a maiden, then the content and structure of her light is her appearance, the electron is her heart. (The beauty that attracts people's attention is always beautiful, fashionable, and so is the product). A person without a heart is not life, the Light without electronics is not power, a good driving power can also determine the life of a product. Electronic standards and parameters are often more complex than the structure, early research and development energy input is relatively large. Current technology trends and updates are changing, one day, engineers have to spend a lot of energy to learn, absorb, decompose, the application of new technologies. Electronic design of the Prophase plan, medium-term implementation, the formation of the entire process of late forming documents, the formation of data This is also the most cumbersome design things. For example: a power supply design of a prior program, product profile, standard basis, safety specifications, electrical performance expectations, process requirements, raw materials assessment, testing methods and so on, to form system files.

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