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The Internet Of Things In LED Intelligent Lighting Market Trends And Challenges

As the Internet of things is gradually popular, city life will be more intelligent, that is the lighting industry an important development trend. The Internet of things is a kind of new technology, can through the intelligence platform, inside and outside the household together all kinds of equipment, including lighting, appliances and other mobile devices, etc., brings many benefits for the user, such as the life more convenient, more intelligent, and can save energy. The Internet of things will be the main driving force for the future development of LED lighting market, at the same time also brings many challenges for the industry.
By 2019, the use of the Internet of things technology of intelligent lighting system will be in the aspect of software and services to bring about $550 billion in revenue for the industry, and hardware sales of the income of just $50 billion. He explained, from the connected device can collect data, and provide the needed in big data management and use of software and service, it is the key to creating value for customers, so the business accounted for a relatively large proportion of the industry's earnings.
Internet of things technology can take a variety of lighting equipment and lamps and lanterns is linked with intelligent network, thereby saving up to 80% of the electricity consumption. For example, an intelligent network equipped with built-in sensors and cloud computing, can use of big data collected by the sensors, control the indoor lighting facilities, so as to achieve energy saving and other intelligent purpose. However, to make the actual operation, intelligent lighting system must conclude a set of communication rules, make the system in a variety of devices can communicate with each other, and make the data can be collected in a variety of equipment and system infrastructure between transmission, real-time analysis.

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