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Technical Analysis Of LED Grille Light Thermal Conducting Substrate

Technical Analysis of LED Grille Light Thermal Conducting Substrate

Thermal conductivity of the substrate is an important part of the cooling power led lights, with the popularity of LED lighting, LED lights power is also growing, cooling requirements become more urgent. Higher thermal conductivity, better processing performance and better performance and low cost, LED Grille Light is the main direction of the development of LED thermal conductivity substrate.

General low-power LED due to heat is not large, the heat problem is not serious, LED Grille Light so long as the use of the general PCB board to meet the demand. High power led light because of its greater heat, requiring thermal conductivity substrate material must have better thermal conductivity, heat resistance and processing performance. The current LED light thermal substrate is basically divided into printed circuit board (PCB), metal substrate, ceramic substrate and resin substrate and other types.

With the increasing market share of high-power LED lights, LED Grille Light PCB is not enough to meet the cooling needs, so the printed circuit board attached to a metal plate to improve its heat transfer path. Metal substrates are mostly aluminum or copper as a material, with cost advantages, the current widely used for LED lighting products, and the emergence of LED Lights, such as copper and aluminum and other new metal substrate. However, because the metal substrate is still not fully meet the needs of heat, LED lights will lead to shorten the life of the phenomenon, better heat dissipation ceramic substrate is more and more used for LED lights. LED Grille Light Ceramic substrate performance is excellent, but because of the high price, is not accepted by the market, but with the increase in the number of procurement and production technology advances, will lead to lower cost and price of ceramic substrates, does not rule out the future will be large-scale application

LED light thermal substrate technology continues to develop and progress, but at the same time led chip technology is also rapid progress, because the LED chip photoelectric efficiency is expected to reach 200LM / W or more, then the cooling requirements will be reduced, LED Grille Light so in the end which LED Light board to become mainstream is still unknown.

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