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LED Track Lights Products Have Any Advantages

LED track lights products have any advantages

1.LED track light quality aluminum shell, better heat dissipation, less light failure, longer life;

2. Brand LED cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, high performance, pure color, rich, high brightness, low frequency flash, more energy efficient

3.LED track light efficient optical grade lens, light loss is small, good illumination;

4. High-power transformers, so that lamps, electrical appliances, the perfect combination of light;

5. Light and easy, nice, easy to install and replace.

6. Streamlined design, beautiful appearance, easy installation.

7. Energy-saving and durable (power consumption only ordinary white flag lights 1/10, life can be extended more than 100 times). Ordinary 70W metal halide lamp we put it down from 70W to 10W.

8. The enclosure is resistant to heat and is used for a long time to be safer than conventional halogen lamps.

9. Wide voltage constant current circuit, no flicker, stable performance and reliable.

10 dust, pest control, not easy to deformation, light angle of 15 °.

11 can be installed directly. High color rendering, color rendering index R is generally around 80.

LED track lights with the characteristics:

1. Power: In the absence of light, we reduce the traditional 70W to 10W.

2. Light: focus, emphasis on a particular item, the effect is outstanding. Natural light, not dazzling, change the lamp beads can change the projection effect.

3.LED track lights environmental protection: green light, non-toxic harmless pollution-free mercury elements. There is no infrared and ultraviolet rays in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, recyclable, touchable, safe green lighting.

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