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LED Track Lights Commercial Lighting Trends

LED track lights commercial lighting trends

Now the industry, LED track lights are being numerous R & D and production, but also in the field of engineering and outdoor lighting has occupied a very important market position, but when refined to the home lighting, this market can now say that a potential stock. How can the LED light source into the homes of ordinary people is the head of many business things. Now we come to explore the future direction of LED commercial lighting.

LED light source technology has been formed

On the one hand because of the lack of adequate understanding of the community on the LED lighting, on the other hand because the LED lighting products compared to the traditional high prices of lighting products, LED downlight, LED track lights, LED rail lights, LED rail spotlight penetration has been difficult Meaning. March 20 this year, by the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology organized by the "2012 semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project" in Beijing for domestic public tender, from all over the country's 110 enterprises nearly 300 tender representatives participated in the tender activity. Including LED downlights for indoor lighting, reflective self-ballasted LED lights, and for outdoor lighting LED lights, LED tunnel lights LED products are classified as tender products. National Development and Reform Commission made it clear that in 2012 the Chinese government will spend 40 billion yuan for LED street Light procurement, LED street Light users to provide 30% of financial subsidies.

Overall, the pattern of China's LED industry in the south of a higher degree of industrialization, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta is the most concentrated LED lighting industry in the region, the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain is relatively complete, concentrated more than 80% of the relevant enterprises. While the north is relying on many colleges and universities and research institutions, product research and development strength is relatively strong.

Technology and prices are still difficult to solve the problem

Encountered technical and equipment bottlenecks. LED substrate materials in the technology and epitaxial wafer production equipment, domestic LED lighting industry there is a clear bottleneck. China's LED business in the field of independent innovation and patents are mainly concentrated in the packaging stage, and in the most critical white, high-power LED Light thermal balance, durable and efficient phosphor, technical patents have been Europe, LED track light the United States, Japan and other countries monopoly. Domestic LED lighting products, brightness, heat, luminous efficiency and uniformity, anti-static ability, anti-leakage ability and quality control level compared with the international product is still a big gap.

LED lack of product pricing. Domestic LED enterprises smaller, industrial resources scattered, the core chip, especially high-power LED chip is mainly dependent on imports from abroad. A single small and medium-sized manufacturers can only single imports from abroad, the high price of the chip, resulting in low bargaining power, so that the high cost. LED track light For a single family, LED lighting energy saving is not obvious, not how much money. And LED Lights than ordinary lighting about 3 times, ordinary people can afford, is also a problem.

Lack of brand awareness LED number of enterprises, cohabitation, product participation missing, there is no own brand, leading to some patents were stolen, infringing events have occurred frequently.

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