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LED Track Lights Are Very Easy To Maintain

LED track lights as the name suggests, is the LED light source for the track lights. It is a kind of track lights, widely used in shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores), jewelry, star hotels, high-end clubs, counters and other key lighting places. Now more and more track lights on the market, this issue of small series and everyone to share LED track lights encyclopedia knowledge Daquan.

Advantages of LED track lights:

Advantages: LED track light is LED as the light source, which is characterized by small heat, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, color is more pure than other lamps, luminous efficiency is also high, no mercury and other harmful substances, is a healthy environmental Of the light source.

Advantages of two: LED track lights is the biggest advantage of energy saving, in the same brightness, LED lamp power consumption requires only ordinary gold halide track 40% -60%; white LED energy consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent, energy Lamp 1/4 Showing how powerful its energy efficiency is.

Advantages: Of course, we are most concerned about is the life of this lamp problem, in fact, you do not have to worry about, because it's life of up to 100,000 hours or more; and ordinary gold halide track lamp life of 8000 hours or so, has been far Over several times, so you do not have any reason to worry.

Advantages 4: LED track lights are usually 220V DC power supply, low heat, no heat radiation, cold light source, you can safely touch, and precise control of light and light angle, light color soft, no glare; can not endanger the health of the material. Built-in micro-processing system can control the luminous intensity, adjust the light way to achieve the combination of light and art.

LED track lights are mainly used for decoration, commercial space lighting and architectural lighting and so on. With the development and progress of LED technology, the current LED track lamp performance advantage is very prominent, the use of high-quality LED light source, accurate beam, reflective effect; symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric distribution system, Adjust the exposure angle according to the lighting needs.

In addition, LED track lights are very easy to maintain. And lighting decorative effect of first-class, to achieve the gradient, jump, color flicker, random flashing, gradient alternation and chase, scan and other dynamic effects.

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