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LED Track Light Is Led For The Light Source Of The Track Lamp

  LED track Light is led for the light source of the track lamp, alias: LED Guide Light. It is a kind of track lamp, widely used in shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores, automotive display, jewelry, star hotels, brand apparel, high-end clubs, Bo Heritage Pavilion, chain stores, brand Business Hall, professional window, counters and other key lighting venues, is to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp and replace the ideal light source of metal halide lamp. With the continuous development of electronic technology, the market on the new styles are endless, different shapes, flexible and changeable. The following image is a typical LED track lamp:

  The difference between led track lamp and common metal halide track Lamp:


  1, led track light is led as light source, LED light source is cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, luminous efficiency, low frequency flash, energy-saving health. The common metal halide track lamp is the gold halide lamp as the light source, the luminous principle of the metal halide lamp is that the heavy metal elements of mercury after gasification and two electrodes react to produce light, large heat, radiation, and after the bad must be handled carefully, or it may pollute the environment (mercury element is heavy metal elements, harmful to human health.)

  2, LED track light is typical of a feature of energy-saving, the same brightness of LED track lights and common metal halide track Lamp, LED track lamp power consumption of only the common metal halide track lamp 40%-60%, visible its electricity-saving effect.

  3, the company's brand LED track lamp life can reach at least 30,000 hours, and ordinary metal halide track lamp life is generally in 8,000 hours, visible base life difference is large.


  LED track lights in the current 2012-year market, the price than the common metal halide track lamp more expensive, but with the development of science and technology, LED track lamp also slowly spread, I believe that in the near future, the price will be flat with the ordinary track lamp today.

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