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LED Panel Lights Side Leakage Light Problems And Solutions?

  LED panel lights side leakage light problems and solutions?

  According to incomplete statistics, the current market or there are some LED panel lights have side of the problem of light leakage, which not only make the product quality greatly reduced, while the beautiful and natural quality is also empty, on the LED panel lights side leakage light Problems and solutions we describe as follows:

  First: analysis of LED panel lights side leakage light Why is it?

  001. There is no tightening in the installation, no twist.

  002. built-in light source location problems, resulting in light source brightness is too strong, looks like the side of light leakage.

  003. In the market, you need to pass the quality test, from the visual to the surface to check whether the light is good.

  In view of the above problems, come up with a high degree of feasibility of the LED panel lights side leakage light problem solution:

  001. In the LED panel lights accessories buyers, the need to select the processing capacity of strong manufacturers, as far as possible with the cooperation manufacturers to solve the LED panel lights on the side of the gap gap leakage problem.

  002. For the details of the product, the product size of the accuracy of the problem, such as can not handle. You need to see strokes to solve the problem of light leakage, such as sticking shade is also a silly way as long as the problem can be solved without affecting the user experience.

  003. For LED panel light box for processing, pay attention to small gap problems, in short, attention to detail, in order to let the phenomenon of light leakage can be eliminated.

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