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LED PANEL LIGHT Advantages And Characteristics Of The Introduction

With the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards, the ordinary lighting has not been suitable for people's needs, people began to pursue a green environment, the emergence of LED panel lamp to meet the changing consumer demand.

First of all, LED panel lamp has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. It has a high light efficiency ratio and brightness advantage, the flat lamp at work, LED electro-optic conversion efficiency of 30% to 50%, is the traditional incandescent lamp three to five times times. That is to achieve the same brightness effect, the flat lamp than the traditional incandescent lamp energy saving more than 60%, and led and incandescent lamps in the same energy consumption situation, the brightness of the flat lamp higher. LED Panel lamp Lighting technology is also a green lighting technology, the product does not contain mercury, waste less, the manufacturing process is almost non-existent pollution.

Second, LED panel lamps not only provide illumination, but also add artistic beauty. LED panel lamp using a unique SMD patch as a light-emitting light source, coupled with light guide plate and/or diffuser plate, so that led panel lamp with its ultra-thin design for the public favorite, both good lighting effect, but also to bring a sense of beauty.

Finally, LED panel lights are light in shape, the heat dissipation function is complete and has the characteristics of less heating and longer life, and can be controlled by the external controller for various dynamic programs, such as the regulation of the color temperature and the adjustment of the intensity of light and shade; not only without radiation and glare, but also can protect eyesight, light color more gentle, and stable Low maintenance rate, cost-effective, transportation and installation convenient to save space.

LED Panel Lights-product Features

1. LED panel lights are surface light-emitting products, large luminous area, and other types of lamps contrast, the same brightness, the panel light glow soft, not dazzling.

2. LED panel lamp is ultra-thin in appearance, the general thickness is about 11-16 millimeters, is the thinnest product of all LED illumination lamps.

3. LED panel light heating less, heat dissipation function is complete, low power, less heating. Compared with traditional lamps, it can reduce the power consumption of air-conditioning.

4. LED panel lamp life long. LED theory life of up to 100,000 hours. The theoretical life expectancy is more than 27 years, if calculated at 8 hours per day.

5. LED panel lamp has strong anti-vibration ability. In LED panel lamp, LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin luminous body rather than tungsten wire glass, it is not easy to damage, shell material from aluminum and PC materials, and the full light fit is very high, not easy to deformation, and not like glass ceramic shell and so easily broken or damaged, so its anti-vibration force is relatively strong.

6. LED panel light without strobe, protect eyes. LED panel light using LED light source, LED light source light is static, no strobe

7. LED panel lamp is low power consumption. A 2-3 square bathroom requires only a 8W LED panel light.

8. LED panel light green environmental protection. LED panel lamp is a green environmental protection lighting, the product does not contain mercury, waste less, the manufacturing process does not exist pollution; Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recyclable and recyclable, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy and society.

9. LED panel lamp appearance is beautiful and generous, fashion, the surface can also be coupled with pattern patterns, that is, lighting function, but also has a certain value of art appreciation.

Second, LED panel lights-Product advantages

1 Material Advantage

A, the use of imported Japanese Mitsubishi 4mm Guide plate.

1. High transmittance, light transmittance >93%.

2. Durability of weathering is not easy to yellowing. Board warranty Five.

3. Not easily deformed.

B, reflective paper, diffusion plate

Reflective paper: reflectivity > 99.2%, diffuse plate transmittance 89%.

C, Aluminum material

Using 6063 aviation aluminum.

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