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LED Grille Light Suitable For Long-term High-power Indoor Lighting

With the development of grille lights, according to the needs of decoration customers and designers can be divided into concealed suit with two styles. According to the reflector style is divided into type I and V type, different reflectors in the aesthetic and reflective effects are also greatly different, the general V-type cover (ST-A420 + V), then the aesthetic and reflective effect will be better than the type I Models, the price is not much difference. Distinguish between type I and V-type is also very easy, generally intuitive can distinguish, the specific reference to the left picture.

LED grille lights

A lighting fixture suitable for installation in a ceiling. The previous light source is generally a fluorescent tube. The new LED grille light, aluminum plate with LED patch light beads, light board with the grid as a whole, fully conducive to the heat conduction of aluminum plate. Suitable for long, high-power indoor lighting. Is a new type of office energy saving lamp beads. Installation is divided into embedded and ceiling.

Mirror aluminum grille light

Grille aluminum with mirror aluminum, deep arc design, reflective effect is better, the chassis using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the thickness of the general thickness of 0.4mm-0.6mm between, according to customer demand and the development of the surface using electrostatic spray Process, easy to wear, fade. All plastic parts are made of flame retardant materials.

Organic plate grille lights

Imported organic board material, good light transmission, uniform light and soft, fire performance, in line with environmental requirements. Chassis using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface using phosphating spray process, anti-corrosion performance is good, easy to wear, fade. All plastic parts are made of flame retardant materials.

LED grille light as a result of solid light source of light, life depends mainly on the solid LED light source and drive the cooling part.

Has reached 100000 hours or more, with the continuous development of LED technology and the application of a large number of popular technology in the drive and cooling is also basically to achieve a more ideal state, the sale of high-quality LED lighting life of basic to 10000-50000 hours, almost Ordinary halogen spotlights 10-50 times.

LED lighting products, energy saving up to 80% or more, almost maintenance-free, there is no need to frequently replace the parts of the problem, about half a year down the cost savings can be exchanged for the cost. Green environment-friendly semiconductor light source, light soft, pure spectrum, is conducive to the protection of workers and physical health.

Lamp advantages

1, energy: the same power LED lamp power consumption is only 10% of incandescent, but also energy saving than fluorescent.

2, long life: LED lamp beads can work 50,000 hours, longer than fluorescent and incandescent.

3, dimmable: the previous dimmer has been for incandescent, incandescent dimmed when the red light; it is difficult to see the fluorescent dimmer, which is dimmed technology for many years did not develop the main reason; Technology can be developed dimming products, and whether it is bright or dark light are the same color (color temperature basically unchanged), which is significantly better than incandescent dimming.

4, can be frequent switch: LED life is calculated by lighting, even if the switch thousands of times per second does not affect the LED life, in the decoration and other needs of frequent occasions off, LED lights have an absolute advantage.

5, rich colors: there are white, warm white, red, green, blue and other colors, whether it is used in the living room under the lights for small lights or neon lights, are very bright.

6, low heat: like spotlights, a lot of 220V spotlight will not take a few days to break because of fever. 12V halogen spotlights heat less than 220V spotlights, but there are due to lack of power transformer and other reasons, its brightness can not reach the nominal value. With LED lighting, no transformer can work for a long time.

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