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LED Grille Light Energy Saving Is Adjustable

When the night comes, there is no sunshine, people must be through the light to see what the day to see, the lamp is essential for the night. With the development of science and technology, the current lighting has also been a significant change. Before the kind of dark and yellow lamps have basically been eliminated, and now popular out of the market is the lamp led lights, they are the new era of products. Is a newest lighting tool, led grille lights can be used in the family life, can also be used in the office, there are different styles of choice. The market led lights a variety of brands, to provide consumers with the largest choice of space.

led grille structure classification

Use the most is led grille lights, their luminous body is mainly the role of fluorescent tube. There are two main categories, one is embedded, the other is the ceiling type. The most commonly used in family life. Their light source is relatively bright, can meet the needs of people, the living room or the kitchen is the best choice. Mirror aluminum grille lights, which are made of mirror aluminum material, with deep arc design style, the best is its reflective performance, the surface is treated by phosphating spray process, durable, and has a strong corrosion performance , There is a certain role in flame retardant. Another is the organic board grille. They will generally use the imported material, the best light transmission performance, the light is not so dazzling, is a green green lighting options. The price is naturally some small expensive

The advantages of led grille

To say what the advantages of led grille, the most basic is energy saving, they are more than ordinary energy saving rate of about 10 percent. More energy than the sunny powder. Use a long time, there will not be any quality problems. And the lights have different levels, with adjustable. Even if it is often open, off, it will not cause any failure.

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