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LED Grille Light Easy Installation And Durable Power

Grille lights may have heard many people have seen it, because now the grille lights are more widely used it! Easy installation and energy saving also durable! Today we understand why it is people's attention.

LED Grille products using high-brightness LED light source, low voltage constant current driver, safe, reliable, low power consumption, long life. The frame is sprayed with steel plate, the appearance of simple and stylish, durable, excellent cooling system can effectively protect the long-term LED tube stable work. LED Grille product panel with high light PC board, the light evenly and soft, high light transmission efficiency. Lights with instant light, no flicker, no sound, no glare, lead, mercury and other harmful substances. Lamp installation is simple and convenient, you can directly replace the traditional ceiling embedded installation, you can also use the side of the lamp lifting hoisting.

LED Grille lamp life

LED Grille Due to the solid light source of light, life depends mainly on the solid-state LED light source and drive the cooling part of the current LED light source life.

Has reached more than 100000 hours, with the continuous development of LED technology and application of a large number of popular technology in the drive and cooling are basically achieved the ideal state of the market, high-quality LED spotlight lamp life basically reached 10000-50000 hours, almost Ordinary halogen spotlights 10-50 times.

LED lighting products save up to 80% more energy-efficient, almost maintenance-free, there is no need to frequently replace the parts, about six months down the cost savings can be exchanged for the cost. Green-friendly semiconductor light source, soft light, pure spectrum, is conducive to the protection of workers' eyesight and physical health.

LED Grille Features:

1. Low consumption of energy, energy saving and environmental protection;

2. Special different visual angle, design diversification;

3. Instant start, no radiation, no flicker, no noise, high brightness;

4. Built-in efficient environmental protection system, the voltage is not stable in the case of constant current drive can still guarantee the normal work of the lamp;

5. Special circuit design to ensure that each LED work independently, a single LED damage will not have any impact on the product;

6 no electromagnetic waves, no mercury, lead and other harmful substances in the human body and the environment;

7. One-piece metal frame structure, in line with common light steel frame ceiling size, versatility;

8. Intelligent remote control (optional), you can adjust the brightness of light, convenient and practical.

LED grid light installation instructions

1, remove the grill reflector on the lamp panel, take care when taking grille reflector gently, do not scratch, the lamp body has been placed on a good ceiling keel placed? Please pay attention to the location of the four sides, Let the lamp completely rest the four sides of the keel, so as not to drop the lamp, pay attention to when the lamp is heavy, please use the wire to hang the lamp on the ceiling.

2, the power cord from the outlet hole into the correct access to the terminal station, please note the L mark at the hot wire, N logo at the zero line, to identify the ground line.

3, properly loaded light source, light source, please note that the light source card into the lamp slot, heard a snap, said the light source and the lamp at the copper at good contact.

4, one end of the grille reflector sling in the lamp body hanging hole to facilitate the subsequent replacement of the light source, the grille reflector snap into the lamp body? Note that the shrapnel and grid reflector must be in good contact, so as not to grille Reflector off.

5, turn on the switch light, the installation is complete. LED Grille Light.

LED Grille Light Installation Precautions

1, in order to ensure safe installation, maintenance, inspection lamps, please entrust electrical professionals. Non-professional construction is prone to danger;

2, do not install the lamp in the place shown. This lamp is designed for ceiling installation;

3, do not use in parallel with the dimmer to avoid failure. Do not install above hot objects and damp places.


1. Office, office aisle, factories and so on.

2. Hospitals, schools, government agencies and other public places.

3. Exhibition Hall, museums, convention centers and so on.

4. Transport hubs and waiting rooms such as the subway, high-speed rail, airports, trains, cars and so on.

5 dining space such as restaurants, bars, cafes and so on.

Commercial lighting such as service halls, supermarkets and so on.

7. Gas stations, chemical plants, granaries and other dangerous space (external power supply explosion-proof type).

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