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Jewelry Store Lighting Design

As people material standard of living rise, demand for luxury goods is greatly increased, the jewelry is the favour of people, especially women. Now, more and more jewelry store in the city the most prosperous area, in a large store, jewelry shop also occupy the advantage position.
Like the flowers need greenery foils, no matter how beautiful jewelry, all need good light foil, can coruscate gives its luster.
The color of the light source itself is "light color", and the color of the jewelry is reflected by light irradiation is generally referred to as the "surface color". Except for some with fluorescence or phosphorescence effect of gems and jewelry itself is not shine.
Although the ideal natural gem in appreciation of natural light is light, but in actual sales, limited by space, businesses often choose to artificial light for lighting. How to use the appropriate light source to show the value of the jewelry is increasingly a matter of concern to the jewelers. Some jewelers in decoration stores or counters, generally only pay attention to the light would be light enough to make the whole of the store feeling gorgeous, gorgeous, but ignored the proportional distribution of light source, making sales there is no difference between the subject and the main body, the jewelry that puts in the counter lack of administrative levels. Too bright lights in addition to unnecessary waste, the high temperature and electromagnetic radiation also can destroy the object itself is the color and luster, especially for some organic gems, such as pearl, coral, amber and so on will affect the structure and chemical composition. In addition, according to psychologist research, the lamplight of dazzling will within the customer and the jewelry store on emotional impact business personnel, also affects the success rate of jewelry trade.

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