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How To Buy High-end Atmospheric Grade LED Panel Lights?

How to buy high-end atmospheric grade LED panel lights?

One: in the discussion of how to buy LED panel lights, the first to simply share the basic concept of the following panel lights knowledge:

We have to talk about the name of the panel lights is ye? Specifically, it is through the external image of the product to name, flat-shaped general size of the rules, like LED ceiling Light, similar to the led grille. Can also be supposed to be understood as in the grille light on the addition of anti-glare panel only Oh

LED panel lights external shape and ordinary panel lights almost the biggest difference is the difference between the light source of the panel lights.We should be aware of the ordinary panel lights, the luminous body is fluorescent, and the current application of LED panel light source is the LED Light or LED light-emitting module or LED Light beads.

2: panel lights are high-end air grade LED lighting products, panel lights for this evaluation can be described as deserved

01.LED panel lights are high-end indoor lighting, in most cases used in high-end office or the whole kitchen, into the new house design and planning.

02. Outer frame by the aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation. There are various types of metal wire drawing and other personalized custom design.

03. Light source for the LED, the entire design beautiful and simple lighting, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effects, but also bring people feel the United States.

04.LED panel Light design unique, light through the high light transmittance of the light guide plate after the formation of uniform flat light effect, illumination uniformity is good, soft, comfortable, effective eye fatigue and other issues.

Three: to understand some of the details after the share to talk about how to buy LED panel lights?

How to buy LED panel lights this topic, looks like shopping guide, in fact, how to choose LED panel lights and purchase, but also need to combine their own needs to carry out, for example, you can consider how to integrate into their own needs the overall decoration Atmosphere to go in all the purchase considerations, nothing more than the following factors are our focus:

Concern one: panel light design,

Now the LED panel lights are designed with the times, such as: simple and elegant, perfect water-based design, lightweight and thin design.

Concern 2: panel Light performance.

Speaking of performance, it is necessary to look at the panel Light shell, are generally aluminum alloy shell material (effectively solve the LED panel Light cooling problem), help panel Light longer life, help light better. Material recyclable so more environmentally friendly.

Concern three: LED chip.

With deep technical accumulation of European and American brand LED chip can effectively protect the high-end atmosphere on the grade of LED panel lights with high-quality features.

Concern four: panel light brightness.

Light color to be stable and lasting, no flicker.

Concern five: panel lights power.

Whether to use the DC panel power supply. DC power supply can effectively protect the Light life.

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