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A.LED ceiling light
Brief Instruction

LED ceiling lamps are chosen LED as light source. They installs in the room.]

Product Features

1. outer casting choses acrylic as material, well -distributed light colour,
avoid glare feeling, high light trasmission
2. buit-in powr source, easy to install
3. available replace traditional 54w ceiling lamp
4. wireless remote control adjusts optics, optics-control switch,
sound-control switch, body-induction switch and other optional
Suitable for corridors, passages, washrooms, guest rooms and other
public places.

Function Features􀀅
High luminous efficacy, little electricity-saving, long life-span, easy control,
maintain-free, safety and environment-friendly. It is a kind of new cold light source
and save electricity than tupe type energy saving lamp. High light, far lighting, good
lingting performance, wide voltage range. Light source can effect seven LED colour
changing by microcomputer in-built controller. Soft light colour, gorgeous, colourful,
low-loss, low power, environment-friendly.


B.LED Induction Lamp

LED induction lamps adopt imported technology MCU circuit design,
active-mode infrared rays working, good stablity, anti-interference, with
infrared decode mode, widely applied in highly required commercial and
industrial occasion.It is a new green energy-saving lighting lamps
Automatically open light, the light will be closed later automatically after
persons leave. Eliminate artificially wasting energy, postpone the working
life-span electrical appliances.

Washroom, bathroom, elevator hall and so on.


C.LED Down light

LED down light is a kind of lighting lamp spotting under the light embeded inside the ceiling. LED down light belongs to directional lighting lamp, and it can be received the optics only its opposition surface, beam angle belongs to gathering light, light is more concentrated., light and dark contrasts distinctness to more highlight the illuminated object. The lumen degree is higher, the more hightligh environment atmosphere of calmness.


D.LED Bean Pot Lamp( Grille Lamp)
LED Bean Pot Lamps adopt high-quality aluminum alloy material, and dispose by
spraying paint, flash silvery, anticorrosive, antisepsis
1.equip electronic transformer, input voltage 220V, frequency 50—60Hz
2.suitable light source􀀅AR70 50W、75W、100W
1.double ring structure, adjustable light direction
2.central region can be increased by 35% luminance
Install method: embedded mode
Suitable for furniture hall, clothes shop, souvenir boutique


E. LED Tube series
Product Features
1.adopt high-quality aluminum alloy coating, high efficiency for heat elimination
convenience to replace,
2.sizes in accordance with the traditional fluorescent lamp
3.Consume little electric, economize on above 80% that of incandecsent lamp
4.equip professional LED current source,enlarge input voltage range ,high power
actor, high light source converts into efficiency,high protection and so on,stable in
5.impact resistance, anti-earthquake reinforce,effectively wipe - out traditional light
source fragile and broken easily


F. LED lamp knowledge

1. ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a kind of material is usually used for
plastic coating
2. PMMA is called Acrylic in English.
3. Both colour rendering index and luminous flux will effect the price of product. The
higher they are, the higher the prices are.
4. external power controller is made according to the requirement of the
certificates of different countries.The rated voltage is below 36 V.
5. Colour temperature:
Light colour is different from colour temperature. We called “warm colour” below
3300K colour temperature, between 3000-6000K colour temperature called “neutral colour”,above 6000K called cold colour.


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